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Dynamic and innovative team coaching, completely tailored to your needs.

Because EQ is the new IQ.


Stuck? Get un-stuck.

1:1 coaching to help you be the best version of you, either professionally or personally.


About to have a baby? Just had one? No idea how, when or where to go back to work? Specially designed 1:1 coaching to help you navigate the new you.


Lupa delivers Workshops and Coaching to Teams, Individuals and Mamas who are looking to be their best selves


People under pressure need all the support they can get - and support that actually delivers. 

As accredited Practitioners in NLP, MBTI Personality Typology, and using bespoke consulting techniques, Lupa can help you understand and successfully manage whatever life or the company throws at you.

Be your best self. Build excellent EQ.

Don't just survive, thrive.


Support From A Fully Qualified Professional That Makes a Difference

Lupa draws on Change Management experience from working at Big-4 Consulting firms, in Major Defence Government Departments, UK-wide Infrastructure Organisations, Local Councils, Social Enterprises and International NGOs to lead companies and individuals towards finding their own bespoke solutions.

For mama clients, we draw on personal mamahood experience, leveraging a huge passion for pre- and post-natal mental health, and getting women back to work they want to do - in whatever form that takes, to build exceptional confidence.


We believe in swapping the 'training in a box' / boring Away Day approach to your people's development for:

  • something real and exciting

  • something sustainable

  • something that actually works. 

With full qualifications in both 'NLP' (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and 'MBTI' (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) techniques, Lupa uses accredited methods combined with an innovative, yet common-sense based approach.

Lupa's mission is to get people working together with greater understanding, and most importantly, efficiency, in a happy and open environment. 



It's rare that you come across standout talent like Laetitia. A little lost on my career path I reached out to her and three incredible career coaching sessions were to follow. Laetitia's ability to listen and connect came perfectly naturally to her and put me instantly at ease. Through her support and guidance she equipped me with a great set of goals and I always left feeling inspired and confident in being able to achieve them every time. All done in a lovely atmosphere with no shortage of tea & biscuits! Laetitia is extremely good at what she does, I can't recommend her enough or thank her enough for her help and kindness throughout.


Laetitia came into our office to run an all-day training session which explored personality types, ways of working with each-other with guidance around motivating team members. This doesn’t even touch the surface when trying to articulate what the training delivered and how we are already utilising the valuable skills we learnt...

All of us were totally engaged within the safe environment Laetitia had created for us. 

It’s not often you can come out of a full day of training feeling energised and excited. 


It was really enjoyable and an absolute pleasure to spend three coaching sessions with Laetitia. Her passion for the work she does and ability to explain the MBTI results, in a detailed and interesting way, was something I found particularly interesting. It had been some time since I'd had any sort of coaching and I found Laetitia to be very capable at helping to tailor targets for continued career development

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