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Stang-up Meeting


What are the team sessions?

Lupa's team sessions are ideal for Team Development and built completely bespoke to your needs, using a combination of NeuroLinguistic Programming Techniques and Myers-Briggs Profiling.

For either newly-formed teams looking for a brilliant start, or existing teams looking to be 'even better'.

You can choose half or full day, highly interactive workshops to cover one or more topics, or condense interesting topics into one-hour talks, all depending on your needs.


What do you cover?

Well, whatever you want. But recent examples include... True Inclusivity (Welcoming Mamas Back), Leadership skills, Appreciating Neural Diversity, Emotional Intelligence, Cross-cultural communication, Decision-making, Sales, Negotiation, Stress Management and Learning Styles, across all types of teams and sectors globally. These are all completely curated to your company culture, branding and strategic objectives.

What are the benefits?

Happy employees, better inclusion culture and diversity appreciation, greater staff retention, increased workforce productivity, and cost reduction through reducing time off caused by stress and unhappiness at work. 

Sounds good to me... How do I find out more?

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